Another Exhibit, another city...So many preparations, calls, thoughts, obstacles...but, ultimately, the excitement of creating more and showing the world what you are capable of, what you can offer, is greater than any setback. The journey is quite bumpy. The journey of an artist. It has always been. It will never change. I am not so sure why. More emphasis and importance should be placed on those who create art. History is richer thanks to the artists that made it more colorful, more meaningful with their works. Overall, the lesson is to never give up. If you love to paint, draw, carve wood, mold clay, express yourself and one day, all will come together and pay off!


So here we go, I did not want to write about this side of me but the time has come...
A few times, I have been getting the desire to draw and connect with souls in another dimension.
My grandmother was a medium. She always told me to stay away from the unexplainable dimension of the "aldila' " ( 'the other world'...in Italian).
The other day I started...I will post the drawing I made after I receive the permission of the loved one to publish it.
Monica Campana Montanarella


From the beginning of time, one of the most difficult processes for any artist has been to find ”inspiration”. Usually, I get inspired by words, images, events and music. For all these art pieces I used meditative music from India. I start with a rational idea and continue with the irrational flow of my hand. Sometimes, while I create, I make a mistake which is really an opportunity in disguise, an opportunity to create something new.  Many pieces have motivational words and messages found only by the curious eye.

Monica Campana Montanarella


...One artpiece at a time...

Today, people connect with machines, not people. We are loosing touch of reality. What counts is anything human related. My pieces bring connection. They are created from the connection of two or more people interacting with each other. My art receives and gives. When you look at it, it will tell you something new every day. It will give you a spark, send you a subliminal message. Positive. Deep.

Monica Campana Montanarella